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PCB Design

CAD Design Guidelines:

Altium Rigid-Flex Guidebook

PCB Design Guidelines Chart 

The PCB Designer’s Guide to DFM *** NEW***


PCB Tools & Calculators:

Saturn PCB Design Toolkit

Isola PCB Toolkit

Rogers Microwave Toolkit


Beta Layout RFID Technical Material:

Antenna Design Guideline

RFID Chip Datasheet

PCB Manufacture

NCAB Group Videos:

The NCAB Group: Intro

NCAB Group PCB Specification

NCAB Qualification & Release Process

NCAB Hole Plating Specification 

NCAB Soldermask Thickness Specification

NCAB No track welding Specification

NCAB Depth of via fill Specification

NCAB Quality Work Specification

NCAB Audit Process

NCAB Step 5 The inner layer AOI process  *** NEW***

NCAB Step 7 The laser drilling process  *** NEW***

NCAB Step 14 The Via plugging process  *** NEW***

NCAB Step 15 The Soldermask process  *** NEW***

NCAB Step 18  The electrical test process  *** NEW***


The PCB Production Process:

20 Major Steps in PCB Manufacture

How a PCB is manufactured – NCAB

How a PCB is manufactured – POLAR

PCB Assembly

Pre-assembly Guidelines:

Recommendations for baking a PCB

Material Datasheets

Lead-free Low-Tg Materials:

Shengyi S1141


Lead-free Mid-Tg Materials:


Shengyi S1000 S1000B


Lead-free High-Tg Materials:


Shengyi S1000-2 S1000-2B


High Performance Materials:

Isola FR408

Isola FR408HR

Isola IS400

Isola 370HR

Rogers RO4003C/4350B

Nelco N4000-13EPSI

PCB Industry Resources

Videos by Lee Ritchey & Isola:

Mimimizing Skew

High-speed Differential Pairs 

Using Low-Dk Laminates 

Technical References

Webinars by Cirtech EDA:

Presentation: 14 Features of a Reliable PCB

Presentation: PCB Surface Finishes

Presentation: Cost Drivers in PCB Production

Presentation: Impedance Controlled PCBs

Presentation: Design-for-Manufacturability

Presentation: Demystifying HDI PCBs

Presentation: Flex-rigid PCBs


Technical Articles by Cirtech EDA:

Technical Summary: ASIG surface finish

PCB Stackups

PCB stackups can be requested. Stackups can also be provided in ready-to-load Altium Designer format.

PCB Procurement

Advance Production & Scheduling Guidebook2015-2017

Financial and Legal

Credit Application Form

Standard Terms of Sale