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Recorded Webinars

We believe in the power of knowing. In order to help you make informed PCB design and manufacturing decisions, we have presented live webinars free of charge to you, our valued client. Click below to replay the live recorded sessions, and in less than 30 mins each you will benefit from proven solutions and suggestions. Your success is our success.

Please note that we use YouTube as our streaming service for past webinars, and as such this might be blocked by your network protocols. Please ask your IT dept to temporarily remove the YouTube restrictions for the duration of the webinar. A PDF copy of the past webinars can also be downloaded from our Resources page.

PCB Surface Treatments

We explain the pros and cons of the most common PCB surface finishes, including handling and storage rules.

Click here to view this past webinar.

Cost Drivers in PCB Production

PCB designers can greatly influence PCB manufacture costs through unwise design decisions. We help you to avoid this.

Click here to view this past webinar.

Impedance Controlled PCBs

Why impedance control? Design factors for consideration. How Cirtech EDA can help to improve signal integrity.

Click here to view this past webinar.

Design for Manufacturability

This seminar describes how to avoid costly production problems by designing right the first time.

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HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB

We define an HDI board, explain HDI design criteria, and HDI cost drivers.

Click here to view this past webinar.

Flex-Rigid PCBs

We explain what is the best build-up for maximum performance and lowest cost. We also cover material selection and pros and cons.

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 2017 Live Webinars

 The following webinars are scheduled for 2017:

How a PCB is Made

No you can’t press a button and out comes a PCB like a printout 🙂 Manufacturing a PCB involves over 180 steps, including some complex chemical and mechanical processes. This seminar will give an overview of the main processes involved.

16 Feb 2017 @ 11am

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Ensuring PCB Repeatability

While care is taken to use a 16-digit part number to order a simple resistor, the PCB is often just specified as FR4. With hundreds of FR4 laminates on the market, are you sure that your PCB will perform the same with your next batch? We can help you to specify your PCB for repeatability and business sustainability.

16 March 2017 @ 11am

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Metal Substrate PCBs

LED technology has contributed to a large demand for metal substrate PCBs. We will explain all the main characteristics of metal substrate PCBs so that you can design it for best performance and reliability.

18 May 2017 @ 11am

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