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Cirtech Electronics and EDA Technologies have been serving the South African electronics market for twenty years. On 1 March 2015, the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing business units of Cirtech Electronics and EDA Technologies teamed up to form Cirtech EDA (Pty) Ltd. 

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Mission & Vision


Cirtech EDA is committed to supplying good quality PCBs, on time, and at a reasonable cost.

We will always strive to live by our motto: “We don’t just sell PCBs, we sell sleep.”


Cirtech EDA will be the first choice PCB supplier in South Africa, and will achieve this through the following core values:

  • Deliver the WOW factor through service excellence and superior technical support
  • Be passionate in helping our customers to get it right the first time
  • Embrace and ensure ethical business practices

What We Do

A printed circuit board (PCB) is the key component in all electronics products.

Cirtech EDA has been supporting the local electronics industry with PCB solutions and products for over 20 years. Far from just fulfilling the supply chain for PCBs, at Cirtech EDA we engage with our clients from the conceptual stage to find the best PCB solutions in order for our clients to achieve good quality end-products that are reliable and cost-effective.


A company’s reputation can be on the line if an electronics product fails to meet the end-user’s expectations. Even worse, the financial implications can be catastrophic. As an example, a product recall in 2014 due to electronics hardware errors cost General Motors over $4,1billion. Since a PCB is the key component in all electronics products, choosing a supplier is a very strategic decision that all too often is only based on price.

“All that glitters is not gold,” said William Shakespeare. The PCB has evolved from a metal clad piece of fiberglass to a complex structure involving over 150 chemical, mechanical and verification processes.

 While many hundreds of PCB manufacturers claim to be world class, most fail to deliver on that promise. Factors such as economic pressure, material price increases, aging equipment, staff turnover, and low margins all too often result in inconsistent quality products with lower productions yields.

Choosing a supplier who can consistently deliver good quality PCBs, on time, and at a reasonable good price is key to company longevity and customer satisfaction. With hundreds of junk mails daily from business prospectors claiming to be the best, this task is not so straightforward. All too often, the joy experienced from the well-priced “golden sample” that works first time is quickly evaporated when PCB failures raises its ugly head in the next production run. Experience is the best teacher, but at what cost?


Over the years, through good and bad experiences and from having our own local factory, we have been educated on all the key aspects of the PCB lifecycle. Our extensive knowledge of the entire PCB lifecycle from concept to complete enables us to give the highest level of technical support and advice to our valued clients.

Over the last two decades we have established strategic partnerships with reputable world-class PCB manufacturers, including the world’s largest PCB supplier who has appointed Cirtech EDA as their exclusive representative for South Africa. Through our strategic supplier relationships, we are thus able to manufacture the complete range of PCB technologies and in any quantity from 1 to many millions.

Cirtech EDA has a proven track record of supplying good quality PCBs on time and at a competitive cost.

We are ready to help our valued clients make winning products.

How We Serve You


Compared to other suppliers that enter the supply chain at the post-design stage, at Cirtech EDA we engage with our clients even before the PCB is designed. With qualified staff that are IPC CID/CID+ certified, we are able offer to design recommendations and PCB solutions that are best matched for the end-product application. Through our early engagement, we can often shorten the development cycle of our customer’s product and thus help them to get to market faster. Shortening the design cycle also lowers the development costs and frustration levels. In today’s fast paced electronics market, this is key to survival.


Product and technology trends often require that the PCB technology adapts to the demand. What was once a solution may no longer be suitable due to form factor shrinkage, extreme environmental demands, forces and stresses, and lifespan requirements. PCB factories usually specialize in just a few technologies, hence a customer may need to deal with a handful of factories to satisfy the complete basket of PCB demands. For instance, only a limited number of factories can successfully and consistently manufacture flex-rigid, HDI and metal-substrate PCBs.

Through its stringent supplier partnerships, Cirtech EDA can supply almost all PCB technologies while applying the same stringent quality standard throughout the supply chain. This is very unique, yet vital for consistency and reliability.

With a diverse base of over 550 local customers, we are a 1-stop partner to cater for all electronics sub-industries, including

  • communications
  • power
  • avionics
  • industrial
  • automotive
  • medical
  • military
  • and commercial products.


South African electronics companies continuously face competition from around the globe, to keep up with the latest technologies and to always lower costs. In order to support our local industry, Cirtech EDA is dedicated to keeping abreast with the latest technologies and international trends.

We offer webinar training on leading subjects so that our clients can make informed decisions to remain competitive. We also structure customized training for our clients on PCB subjects that will help them to be ahead of their competition.


Cirtech EDA is committed to providing the local market the highest level of service and quality by implementing a stringent ISO9001 quality management system.

In addition, our suppliers also meet numerous international quality, cleanliness, safety and environmental standards.

Executive Team

Stephen Sher

Managing Director

Sascha Bierberg

Financial Director CA (SA)

Nechan Naicker

Business Development Director (IPC CID+)

Key Personnel

Leon Poulton
Key-Account Manager

Sebastian Ndlovu
Key-Account Manager

Marcel Henry
Key-Account Manager

Clive Fulton
Key-Account Manager

Libby van Zyl
Customer Service Manager

Kevin Emslie
Technical Support Manager

Hilton Winder

Logistics Manager

Carmel Henry

CAM Engineer

Denzil Kindo

Senior CAM Engineer

Elvin Overberg

Sales Support

Allistar Jacobs

Logistics Assistant

Veronique Parenzee

Accounts (Debtors)

Munirah Botha

Accounts (Creditors )